Ethical behavior

Ethical behavior

We commit ourselves to the highest ethical, legal and moral standards as set out in our Code of Conduct. The associated actions are underpinned by a culture of openness and our core values of integrity, honesty and respect for the law. Our Code and Policies provide guidance on how to work with these fundamental principles so that we protect our integrity and continue to conduct our business in a responsible manner. By prioritizing our corporate ethics or our dealings with customers, suppliers and the community, we treat all our people with respect and respect for health, safety and the environment.

Code of Business Conduct
CRH Anti-Bribery Policy
CRH Supplier Code of Conduct
Commitment to Human Rights – Tackling modern slavery
CRH Anti Fraud and Anti Theft Policy
Competition – Anti-Trust Compliance code


Pavol Krivulčik

Legal Department
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