CRH strives to achieve the highest standards of environmental management in everything it does and actively addresses the challenges and opportunities that climate change brings.

CRH’s environmental principles, which are applied in all Group companies, are:
– Compliance with all applicable environmental laws and continuous improvement in the field of environmental management and implementation of best practice
– Ensuring that our employees and contractors comply with their environmental obligations
– Actively respond to the challenges and opportunities of climate change
– Optimizing the handling of energy and resources
– Promote environmentally driven product and process innovations and new business opportunities
– to be a good neighbor, in every community in which we operate.

Environmental management
The company and plant manager of CRH are responsible for the implementation of the environmental policy and the achievement of the objectives. This responsibility leads from the individual managing director to the divisional managing director, and finally, through the chief executive officer to the CRH executive board. Our environmental management systems are well established and regularly reviewed with industry best practices in mind. Knowledge exchange within the group also plays an important role in this process.

Environmental performance
CRH is committed to investing in a wide range of environmental improvements in all its activities and operations. Plant upgrades typically include process yield optimization, increased recycling, waste reduction, energy efficiency, and emission reduction. This ongoing investment program is constantly moving us towards industry best practice in all these areas.
Due to the diversity of our companies, most environmental goals are set at company level. In all cases, it is our unified goal to optimize environmental performance.

Environmentally oriented product innovation
Together with CRH’s commitment to act as a socially responsible company, the Group sees a significant business opportunity in developing products that benefit the environment in particular, along with improving the eco-efficiency of existing products. Significant environmental and economic benefits are also gained through recycling, waste reduction and resource management, as well as the use of alternative raw materials and alternative fuels.

Climate Change
CRH recognizes that climate change is one of humanity’s greatest challenges and is committed to developing practical solutions at national, regional and global levels. Like other players in the building materials sector, CRH is very actively addressing the challenges of climate change through specific carbon reduction programs in its global operations. CRH is a core member of the Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI) of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and actively promotes its pioneering work in developing and promoting industry solutions.

In all our activities, increasing energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions is an important priority. CRH sees climate change and high energy costs as innovative drivers of the future, and recognizes that today’s challenges can quickly become tomorrow’s opportunities.


Július Roth

Environmental Coordinator
T: +421 (0) 904 743 003
E: julius.roth@danucem.com