House of Music

House of Music

Oriental design with white cement

YEAR: 2022

In January 2022, the House of Music opened in the City Park of Budapest. This unique and complex institution hosts various musical events and exhibitions. The iconic building was designed by Japanese star architect Sou Fujimoto, who selected the main building materials himself before the start of construction and chose Avers Fiber’s terrazzo for the entire exterior and interior flooring of the building.

Avers is the Hungarian representative of the Italian IdealWork company, which is a specialist in cement-based design coatings. For the House of Music project, Danucem delivered 110 tons of CEM II/A-LL 42.5R white limestone-portland cement to Avers Fiber. It is important to mention that, in addition to the terrazzo covering, we also supplied the white cement for the auditorium of the open-air stage, where this type of cement was used as well.

The features of our white cement used for the terrazzo convinced the Italian manufacturer, such as the longer workability due to the long setting time, and the extremely compact, air-porous surface structure due to the co-ground limestone content. Their guarantee is specifically tied to the use of this type of cement. The concept behind choosing the terrazzo as a covering was to use a natural material and have the effect of the City Park and the building merging into one, providing the visitor entering the building with the sense of walking in nature.

The terrazzo used here is called Lixio+. Its main components are white cement, marble crushed stone, and other special additives such as microfibers and shrinkage-compensating additives.
The receiving surface of the terrazzo is a concrete slab with a floor area of 5,000 m2. Its special feature is that it was poured from the center of the building with a circular expansion distribution, which is also reflected in the cladding. The aim of the Japanese architect, Sou Fujimoto, was to symbolically display the propagation of sound waves on the floor as well.


Architect: Sou Fujimoto
Partner: Avers Fiber Kft.,
House of Music
Olof Palme stny. 3
1146 Budapest